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Make a Profit or Have a Positive Impact? There’s No Choice to Be Made

Once upon a time, businesses solely cared about making money…

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Negotiating Genuinely with Shirli Kopelman

Negotiating seems tough to many people because they assume it is an exclusively competitive interaction…

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S+B: A New Hat for Negotiators?

Book Review by Theodore Kinni:  What hat do you wear when you negotiate? A conservative Homburg, a swaggering Stetson, a gangster’s Fedora? If you’re literal-minded like me, you may say that you don’t wear one at all. But Shirli Kopelman says…

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Forbes: When Compassion And Profit Go Together: The Case Of Alice Cooper’s Manager Shep Gordon

“The three most important things a manager does,” says longtime Alice Cooper manager Shep Gordon in a new documentary “is (1) get the money, (2) always remember to get the money, and (3) never forget to always remember to get the money.” Gordon’s focus…

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HBR Blog: Negotiate from the Inside Out

Being a successful strategic negotiator requires calculated self-interest, along with a heavy dose of dissembling. Or so go the usual assumptions about negotiating…

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Detroit Free Press: Michigan professor: Negotiation isn’t just for business

Need to negotiate? Shirli Kopelman, a University of Michigan management professor who studies negotiations, has a few words of advice on that subject. She wrote some of them down in a book “Negotiating Genuinely”…

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HBR Blog: Make Your Emotions Work for You in Negotiations

Your emotions matter in negotiations. They fuel your behaviors, energize you, and allow you to strengthen…
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Businessweek: Corporate Ethics Slide Because of Bad Negotiations

If business schools are to graduate leaders who “do no evil,” to paraphrase one of Google’s principles, then we must teach them how to negotiate. This may seem like an unorthodox approach to minting a new generation of ethically minded managers. The fact is negotiating can be a useful vehicle for doing good deeds….
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Ross Blog: Media Positively Interested in Positive Business

Positive business is picking up as a hot topic in the media, but for Michigan Ross it has been at our core for a long time — starting with the research of our faculty over a decade ago and now as the heart of our mission to develop leaders who make a positive difference in the world. So it’s no surprise…
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Positive Business Conference at U-M draws 350

About 350 students, academics and business leaders gathered this week at the University of Michigan for the first Positive Business Conference…
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The Scarcity Matrix

All of a sudden, I had the visceral sensation of a melting away, a fog lifting, a waking up. It was physical and it was emotional. It stopped my breath… “I feel like I just peeked behind the curtain of something,” I said…  what Dr. Kopelman was proposing was much more provocative than any of that…

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CBS CW50 Street Beat: Positive Business Conference

Street Beat Interview with Rob Stone on CW50 about the Positive Business Conference May 15-17, 2014 at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business

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Want to be a Better Negotiator? Be Yourself

“New book by U-M Ross Professor Shirli Kopelman shows the best way to build value is to negotiate genuinely…”

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Negotiation and Relationships

National Art Strategies (Video)
Often we initiate a negotiation with personal pleasantries and then abruptly switch into negotiation mode. Shirli Kopelman, professor of management at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, talks about what can be gained from thinking of your negotiation as a part of your relationship.

How to Avoid Another Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is over, a deal reached, but was this brinksmanship avoidable? And how can we prevent it in the future?…

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How Can MBAs Get a Higher Salary: Ask

Sometimes the solution is simple, but implementing can be challenging…

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Negotiating: Making the First Move Pays, But be Ready for Anxiety

Emotional alignment is key to using evidence-based strategies. Making the first offer in a negotiation is a prime example…

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Accomplished Women Entrepreneurs From Around the World to Gather in Dallas

The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), a global peer advisory organization for women presidents and CEOs of multi-million dollar companies…

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How to Negotiate When You’re Literally Far Apart

Imagine that you’re the CEO of a sports clothing manufacturer based in Chicago. You recently traveled to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to meet with a distributor…

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Saying no to the boss: Why it’s essential

People who consider themselves powerful look less cooperative…

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In Pursuit of a Career with a Heart… How do People Negotiate That?

The negotiated journey toward a career with a heart is important to understand, because having such a career can yield not only long-term love for what one does, but a host of beneficial outcomes for individuals and organizations…

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