Make a Profit or Have a Positive Impact? There’s No Choice to Be Made

Once upon a time, businesses solely cared about making money…

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Negotiating Genuinely with Shirli Kopelman

Negotiating seems tough to many people because they assume it is an exclusively competitive interaction…

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S+B: A New Hat for Negotiators?

Book Review by Theodore Kinni:  What hat do you wear when you negotiate? A conservative Homburg, a swaggering Stetson, a gangster’s Fedora? If you’re literal-minded like me, you may say that you don’t wear one at all. But Shirli Kopelman says…

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Forbes: When Compassion And Profit Go Together: The Case Of Alice Cooper’s Manager Shep Gordon

“The three most important things a manager does,” says longtime Alice Cooper manager Shep Gordon in a new documentary “is (1) get the money, (2) always remember to get the money, and (3) never forget to always remember to get the money.” Gordon’s focus…

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HBR Blog: Negotiate from the Inside Out

Being a successful strategic negotiator requires calculated self-interest, along with a heavy dose of dissembling. Or so go the usual assumptions about negotiating…

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