Negotiating Genuinely Being Yourself in Business

Negotiating Genuinely® means being yourself—your best, integral self—in strategic conversations. When you negotiate both genuinely and strategically, you can maximize gains for yourself as well as co-create more resources for others. Negotiation conjures up high-stake deals, job promotions, and buying a car or house; more often, negotiations are casual and fluid conversations we find ourselves in every day, whether we want to persuade someone at a staff meeting, move a project timeline, or coordinate dinner plans. Negotiating is challenging, because in order to succeed you need to both assert your agenda (be competitive) and co-create opportunities (be cooperative).

In Negotiating Genuinely: Being Yourself in Business, Shirli Kopelman introduces an integrated approach that enables people to straddle the most complex dimensions of negotiation more naturally, positively, and successfully. A key driver of positive business, Negotiating Genuinely® helps people to cooperate and compete and build relationships, all at the same time. The book is a fun and easy read, providing insightful, action-oriented exercises along the way.

“Shirli Kopelman invites you to revisit and rework your negotiating skills. She wants them to be more genuine. You might think, ‘Genuine negotiating? Good luck with that!’ But she pulls this off, compactly, colorfully, memorably, and pragmatically. This is a powerful guide that will help you redo something you do every day.”
—Karl E. Weick, University of Michigan and co-author of Managing the Unexpected